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Kathryn Rose feat. Julian Taylor • Getting Along

Kathryn Rose feat. Julian Taylor
• Getting Along •

“...Hope you’ll be glad to know, you’ve been nice to me in my dreams.”


The words: "A Pandemic Duet” may not officially be in the song title, but there’s no way around it - that’s what this song is. A conversation between two artists, rooted in that strange expanse when all of us, individually and together were grappling with the changing of seasons and the marching of time while life as we knew it stood seemingly still.  Two artists, two people, a man and a woman, getting closer before everything stopped, checking in on each other. "How are you getting along?" Asking even though they knew the answer. City Mouse, Country Mouse, different views, same reality. Shipwrecked, landlocked. Exercising resourcefulness and industriousness in states of secret silent panic and creeping depression. "What to do when it’s time that kills?” Looking for beauty in the most and least familiar location for touring musicians: home.


Over her 6 original album releases, Kathryn Rose has received critical acclaim for her sexy-smart, funny-sad cinematic pop pen. Since her last solo album she has been raising her two kids on her own, running a touring company performing with symphonies across North America, teaching voice, collaborating with other artists, working as a session vocalist and voice actor, releasing a song at a time, and trying to get back to her songwriting. Getting Along is a return to the collision of Kathryn Rose’s unique voice and world view. It’s nice to hear that voice again. 


Kathryn asked her friend, singer songwriter Julian Taylor to hold up one side of the conversation in Getting Along, and he brought his signature unaffected, genuine sensitivity to the song. Filmmaker/director Scott Dobson and producer/cinematographer Michael Wojewoda conspired to create a compelling video starring Kathryn and Julian, and some inventive pandemic sets. Song producer Creighton Doane helped KR capture the iso-vibe, using her home demo ukulele performance as the starting point for the track. 


Kathryn says: "After everything we’ve all been through it's a sweet relief to create something new, like you used to do, even though it can be harder than ever to find the well.”

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