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My Favorite Things

I wasn't planning to release a holiday single....but Steve and I found ourselves with this sweet little arrangement of this classic tune. It felt joyful and uplifting and we wanted to put it out there during this time when we could use some joy and some uplifting!

A while back, we were asked to do a performance for JazzFm91's International Jazz Day programming. We ended up choosing What a Wonderful World as our offering. We performed it, just the two of us - electric guitar and voice. It felt special...the simple beauty of the song shining through, delivered with our own creative imprint. It's one of those songs that everyone knows, and that was our inspiration for this new song choice.

My Favorite Things transcends genres, time, and seasons. Written by Rogers & Hammerstein, it started as a Broadway show tune, and was then performed in its early years on a holiday special - which I'm sure helped spark its connection to Christmas. Then Julie Andrews famously sang it in the movie version of "The Sound of Music". It was adopted by jazz musicians such as John Coltrane, who used it as a vehicle for improvisation. It's definitely 'classic' in every way.

What we were drawn to though, is the fact that it's simply a sweet, positive song. I love 'list songs', I love this melody, I love the comforting nature of these lyrics.

The song is being released everywhere on December 10th. But if you'd like to have it right now, in high quality audio, you can get it here directly from me.

Just click the 'buy now' button below.

Alternatively, and equally great - if you are looking forward to listening to the song on your favourite streaming platform, you can do one or all of the things below...

b) Follow/Like my profile on your fave streaming platform.

c) Stay tuned to Facebook, YouTube or Instagram for more links once the song is released.

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a safe holiday season. xo ecb

Thanks for listening - any way you listen! I also forgot to mention that you can visit Bandcamp if you would like a FLAC.

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