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Día de los Muertos - La Llorona

In honour of Día de los Muertos / Day of the Dead - we have released a new lyric video for La Llorona - from the Emilie-Claire Barlow "Clear Day" album, featuring the Metropole Orkest.

Here, La Calavera Catrina sings of her encounter with La Llorona, the weeping ghost that haunts rivers and lakes in search of her children.

The Catrina face artwork was created by artist Maria Damova, and customized and made into a Snapchat filter by Steve Webster and Lulie Talmor.

The lyrics are in French and were written by Emilie-Claire Barlow and writer, playwright Kurt Hackbarth. They follow the tradition of La Llorona lyrics in that they are told from the standpoint of someone who has an an encounter with La Llorona, yet they are catered to the personal experience of Emilie-Claire.

The arrangement and orchestration is by Steve Webster, Shelly Berger and Emilie-Claire Barlow and features the Grammy Award winning Metropole Orkest, conducted by Jules Buckley.

Full credits in the video description.

Feliz día de Muertos!

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