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David Blamires

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New Release!

 My Ideal 

As the yoga instructor began sharing wisdom and affirmations, inspiration came to David while standing in tree pose. "I am love, I am freedom, I am faith, I am believing.” The pulsing, hypnotic slo-jam backbeat and the insistent one-note verse chant circulated as he flipped over into an extended asana (headstand), and "My Ideal" was born. From self affirmation, the song opens up and reveals itself as a promise and tribute to a beloved soulmate

Absolute Drivel is David's latest full release - a full album of original catchy, quirky pop tunes and musical comedy that features David's incredible, virtuosic vocals.

Showcasing his deep musicality,
David also played every instrument,

sang all the backup vocals,

AND recorded & mixed the project.

This album will surprise you, make you laugh out loud, and inspire you to sing along with the undeniably "hooky" choruses.


Absolute Drivel Cover Art.jpg
more about David

David Blamires is a Grammy Award winning vocalist best known for his work recording and touring with the Pat Metheny Group.

In 1991 David recorded and released a self-titled contemporary jazz album, under “The David Blamires Group”, featuring the smooth jazz hit "Deep Is The Midnight Sea", which is still in regular rotation on jazz radio worldwide. Born in England, Blamires grew up in Canada where he became one of Canada's most versatile and sought after session musicians -- singing on many thousands of jingles, album recordings, and soundtracks.

In 1997, David and his family moved from Toronto to Chicago, to work as a staff composer for industry leaders Steve Ford Music and Earhole Studios composing and recording for TV and radio. Clients include multi-national corporations such as American Airlines, Coors, Proctor & Gamble, McDonald’s and Kraft.

David performs regularly throughout the Chicago area at various venues. David also currently travels and performs all over North America & Canada as a featured vocalist with Canadian Rock Symphony Jeans ‘n Classics.


The release of singles "This Time" & “Simple Truth” and "Please Delete Me" (2020) mark his return to a focus on his talent as a songwriter and recording his original material.

In early 2021, David joined Juno-Award winning vocalist Emilie-Claire Barlow in duet on a cover version of James Taylor's "Music". Joining the duo on backing vocals is James Taylor’s long time vocalist Arnold McCuller, lending his signature classic R&B sound to the choir. 

Following the duet, Blamires released another cover tune, once again showcasing his vocal range and multi-instrumental musicianship on a powerful yet intimate take on Sting's "Fragile".  

Absolute Drivel is David's latest work - a full length album available everywhere!

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