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Emilie-Claire Barlow

Over 25 years of touring, Emilie-Claire has performed all over the world. Countless festivals, theatres, clubs and private concerts with varying band sizes from trio to 65-piece orchestra, featuring repertoire from her impressive catalogue of 13 albums.

Her live performances showcase her inspired re-imaginings and affectionate treatments of classic pop and jazz songs, bossa novas, French chanson delivered with a relaxed, polished demeanor, charming humour and a

voice of unforgettable beauty.

Emilie-Claire has an enormous listenership with over 450 million streams. On Spotify alone her music is streamed over 120k times per DAY

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900k monthly listeners

170M streams 

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56k Pandora station adds

250k monthly listeners

182M  streams 

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6.3M streams

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10M streams

“In typical fashion, Barlow consistently performs with poignant musicality combined with a great sense of humour. Overall, the night’s selections showcased Barlow’s ability to enrapture audiences with a combination of romance, drama and infectious energy. Even after presenting such a comprehensive program, there’s no doubt that she could have kept going and taken the crowd right along with her.” 

CHRIS MASKELL  - Ottawa Citizen 

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With 42K followers across

Bandsintown and Songkick,

live performances are highly requested.

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Top requested cities:

London, UK

New York, NY

Paris, FR

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Top requested cities:

Los Angeles, CA

Jersey City, NJ

San Diego, CA

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21.8K subscribers


Sample Set Lists 
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