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I Keep Forgettin'

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Vocalist Kathryn Rose - known for her artful brand of cinematic-pop over the course of five solo albums - releases a surprise single on January 8th! Read more about this pop-funk reimagining of Michael McDonald's R&B/Pop hit I Keep Forgettin' in Kathryn's own words...

Our decision to cover this song came from the realization it’s a track we both loved when it first came out. We didn’t transform the piece, but this is definitely not a straight lift. Our version of “I Keep Forgettin’” is our chance to stretch out and do what we do, with no holds barred. Although it may be the opposite of minimalist, I think it’s tasteful, with every moment in its place, and some very fine playing by other musicians we love: Pat Kilbride on bass, and Justin Abedin on guitar. Creighton did all the drumming, programming, keyboards, and the deft mix, and we collaborated on the intricate lead and backing vocal arrangements, which I sang myself. (Crafting and executing backing vocals are my favourite parts!) This cover is a bit of an event, where everybody shines, and thrives on one another. Headphones on! "

All vocals: Kathryn Rose

Electric bass: Pat Kilbride

Electric guitars: Justin Abedin

Drums/keys/programming: Creighton Doane

Produced/recorded*/mixed: Creighton Doane

Mastered: Harry Hess

*Mr. Abedin’s guitars recorded by Justin Abedin

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