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Last Chance for ECB CDs

Big sale in the store until labour day (September 6th)

I'm selling off the last of my CD stock! Like I said over on Facebook, it's the end of an era. CDs have been the main musical medium for a large part of my career, but as they become obsolete, it doesn't make sense for me to hold on to any significant quantity of them. I will keep a small amount for my next tour, but everything else must go.

CDs are being sold at $5, and I will autograph them if you like.

So far over hundreds of CDs have gone out the door this week - heading all over the world - Poland, Norway, Australia, Germany, China, all over the US and Canada. So cool!

We are now sold out of Live in Tokyo and as I type, there are TWO remaining The Beat Goes On. After September 6th - there will no longer be an option to buy these CDs. However, we are in the process of uploading all of the files to the store - you'll be able to download CD quality files as WAV or FLAC

This doesn't mean that I won't manufacture a physical product for my next recording. Maybe I'll do a limited run of CDS, maybe vinyl. But it's time to clear some space for something new.

Get your copy before they run out...

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