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Let the Music Fill the Air

The 4th in the JT Project Series, Emilie-Claire Barlow is joined by Grammy Award winning vocalist David Blamires in duet on “Music”.

Emilie-Claire: I've known David since I was just 7 years old and I've always admired him as a vocalist! I must have listened to his voice on Pat Metheny's Still Life Talking a thousand times - and to finally get to sing in duet with him was a thrill! It would have been more fun to have been in the same room, of course - but thanks to technology, we were still able to collaborate, sending vocal ideas back and forth to fit this beautiful puzzle together.

Originally from James Taylor’s 1975 album Gorilla, this fresh interpretation of “Music” is the joyful, uplifting sound we need right now. “Music” is a feel-good adult contemporary pop track, featuring two gorgeous voices blending in perfect harmony, accompanied by a rich instrumental backing of Rhodes, organ, guitars, percussion and horns.

Joining the duo on backing vocals is James Taylor’s long time vocalist Arnold McCuller, lending his signature classic R&B sound to the choir.


Emilie-Claire Barlow: lead & BG vocals

David Blamires: lead & BG vocals, guitar

Kelly Jefferson: tenor sax solo

Jon Maharaj: bass

Mark Lalama: Rhodes, organ

Arnold McCuller: BG vocals

Miku Graham: BG vocals

Kelly Jefferson: saxophone

William Carn: trombone

Jason Logue: trumpet

Steve Webster: arrangement, drums & percussion, mixing, mastering

Watch the lyric video here:

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