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Bocana is Emilie-Claire Barlow and Steve Webster.

Their 4th single is a down tempo, spooky, jazz noir vibe about a criminal on the run.

Think ... Lana Del Ray meets Portishead meets Steely Dan with a blast of film noir horns and a swinging bass and drums loop.

Emilie-Claire's vocal prowess is on full display here with her off-kilter blues licks captivating at every turn.

"Stumpy's on the Loose Again"

composed, arranged and produced by

Emilie-Claire Barlow: Vocals
David Blamires: Backing Vocals

Kelly Jefferson: tenor sax solo

Steve Webster: Bass & Rhodes Piano
Creighton Doane: Drums
Vern Dorge: Flute

John Johnson: Bass Clarinet

Jason Logue & Steve McDade: Trumpets

William Carn & Terry Promane: Trombones


Stumpy's On the Loose Again - Bocana - Single - FLAC

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