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Des croissants de soleil ~ Orange Lounge Session

On January 26th, my band and I went into Orange Lounge Studios in Toronto, just for fun. We recorded several songs there and worked with the wonderful Orange Partners team to capture the day on video. Here's "Des croissants de soleil". Thanks for watching.

Emilie-Claire Barlow at Orange Lounge, January 26, 2024

Reg Schwager - guitar

Kelly Jefferson - tenor sax

Amanda Tosoff - piano

Jon Maharaj - bass

Fabio Ragnelli - drums

Recorded and mixed by Spencer Sunshine

Video: Orange Partners

director/editor Corey Winfield

cam a Paul Ohonsi

cam b Jordan Winfield

producer Maya Derivia

executive producer Jason Gileno

Des croissants de soleil Lee Gagnon, Jean Robitaille

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Skylark ~ Orange Lounge Session

I'm so pleased to share the 3rd video from my Orange Lounge session. This is my version of the Hoagy Carmichael, Johnny Mercer song, Skylark. This tune features a beautiful solo by guitarist Reg Schwa


This is one of my top favorite songs you sing. Your voice is so beautiful. First heard you at The Grove in Los Angles, it was on a playlist, and I immediately bought your CD's. I only wish you'd come to Ca for a concert. I don't understand French, but it really doesn't matter, your voice is gorgeous. Thank you.

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Thank you so much Linda! I love this story. I am actively working on coming to LA : )


I love what your voice has turned into over the years.

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What a lovely thing to say - thanks so much


What a beautiful session! Will you be producing a new CD?

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Thanks! Working on some new arrangements now. Also, Spark Bird, which came out last spring, will be released on vinyl in a couple of weeks!


I don’t understand French but it sounds just beautiful. I still think you should try some blues remember I said you should try Bessie smiths empty bed blues she wrote it back in 1928. I would like you to listen to Barbara Dane doing good old wagon another Bessie smith song. And give Bobby blue bland two steps from the blues 1961 & here’s the man 1962 a listen the arrangements are just killer. Ps I’ve got all your cds now happy feet was the hardest one to find.

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Thank you so much - and thanks for the recommendations : )

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