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New music from Laila Biali

We are so thrilled to have the honour of releasing the latest singles from Juno Award winning pianist, vocalist and songwriter Laila Biali.

Pre-save "Autumn Leaves" now and get access to a sneak peek video on Laila's YouTube channel.

Laila asked her social media followers to send in their American Songbook requests, and received over 150 song suggestions. Your Requests, Volume 1 debuts the first collection of Laila’s dynamic and personal arrangements in response to her listeners, which she describes as a musical love letter to them. (full album to come in spring of 2023)

On October 28th, the first single will be released both in English and French.

Autumn Leaves / Les feuilles mortes carries deep nostalgic meaning for Laila, as it was one of the first tunes she ever learned. But right from the cascading piano intro that conjures up images of leaves falling, Laila transforms the old chestnut into something entirely new. Her vocals are warm and immediate, accompanied by floating piano chords reminiscent of Debussy and Ravel. George Koller’s arco bass entry adds grandeur, setting the stage for an unexpected and exciting shift when Larnell Lewisjoins with his masterful drums and Kelly Jefferson builds a thrilling soprano saxophone solo. Things settle back down to a simmer as Laila’s vocals re-enter with Baroque-like bass arpeggios from George, and the arrangement ends where it began – with sweeping piano runs truly evocative of the fall season.

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