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Video - "My Favorite Things"

Check out this stellar arrangement of My Favorite Things by Laila Biali,

featuring Emilie-Claire Barlow

Download the studio track at

In Europe/South Korea:

In Japan:


Laila Biali - vocals, piano, arrangement

Emilie-Claire Barlow - vocals

Kelly Jefferson - soprano sax

George Koller - bass

Larnell Lewis - drums

Ben Wittman - percussion

Filmed and edited by Mitchell Fillion, Southern Souls.

Recorded by Julian Decorte, Canterbury Music Company.

Mixed by John 'Beetle' Bailey.

Mastered by João Carvalho.

Co-produced by Ben Wittman & Laila Biali.

Laila Biali is a Yamaha and Sennheiser Artist.

Special thanks to IMAGO for their ongoing support and to Koerner Hall for allowing us use of their space.

© 2022 Laila Biali, Joshua Tree Music.

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